Back Office Feature Screen 9
November 6, 2014
Back Office Feature Screen 11
November 6, 2014

Back Office Feature Screen 10


Chapter 3 – Pro Gold XP Back Office Features

Pro Gold XP real estate software Back Office Feature screens 10:

Pro Gold XP Create Agent Invoices Screen

Pro Gold XP Sample Invoice Screen

Pro Gold XP Account Receivables Screen

·  The Pro Gold XP agent invoice module has flexible methods to streamline agent billing!
·  Based on standard monthly charges for agents, Pro Gold XP can create all agent monthly invoices with a single click as well as update general ledger and financial statements.
·  Professional, descriptive invoices can be provided to your agents.
·  Managing receivables has never been so easy!
·  Whether payment is made by cash, check or a deduction from a commission check, Pro Gold XP real estate software will give you the tools necessary to keep your receivables at a minimum.
·  Pro Gold agent statements age receivables by Current, 30, 60, 90 and 120 days past due.
·  Pro Gold XP supports the option to apply late fees on outstanding invoices.