Back Office Feature Screen 13
November 6, 2014
Front Office Feature screen 1
November 6, 2014

Back Office Feature Screen 14


Chapter 3 – Pro Gold XP Back Office Features

Pro Gold XP real estate software Back Office Feature screens 14:

Pro Gold XP Chart of Accounts Screen

Pro Gold XP General Ledger Screen

·  Reduce your outside accounting costs with the Pro Gold XP real estate software general ledger module!
·  Fully customizable chart of accounts.
·  Profit centers can be setup.
·  Quick account balances are available.
·  Pro Gold XP also has tools for setting up and tracking financial budgets!
·  In any business, setting budgets can mean the difference between profit or loss.
·  Pro Gold XP real estate software report tracking allows current date driven general ledger trail balances with a click of a mouse.
·  As a Pro Gold XP user it is typical that outside accounting services are reduced.