Back Office Feature Screen 5
November 6, 2014
Back Office Feature Screen 7
November 6, 2014

Back Office Feature Screen 6


Chapter 3 – Pro Gold XP Back Office Features

Pro Gold XP real estate software Back Office Feature screens 6:

Pro Gold XP Properties Screen

Pro Gold XP Check Writer Screen

·  Pro Gold XP makes setting up a pending a snap!
·  When an offer is accepted on a property, simply change the status to pending and enter any updated information.
·  Once a property goes to pending status, escrow tracking begins.
·  Utilize Pro Gold XP company and agent income forecasting reports.
·  Escrow accounting could not be easier!
·  Pro Gold XP includes a comprehensive escrow management system, that meets escrow auditor requirements.
·  Pro Gold XP real estate software automatically tracks property money as it is collected or disbursed, making escrow accounting easier.