Back Office Feature Screen 7
November 6, 2014
Back Office Feature Screen 9
November 6, 2014

Back Office Feature Screen 8


Chapter 3 – Pro Gold XP Back Office Features

Pro Gold XP real estate software Back Office Feature screens 8:

Pro Gold XP Agent Deductions Screen

Pro Gold XP Agent Commission Screen

·  Prepare for a closing easily with Pro Gold XP real estate software!
·  Simply assign the selling agent(s) production volumes and units will automatically be established.
·  The agent(s) gross commission and company dollar can now be automatically calculated with a single click of a mouse.
·  Once agents are established, simply enter the commission rate and Pro Gold XP will do the rest.
·  Pro Gold XP utilizes one of the industries’ most powerful commission processing systems, allowing for almost any commission plan used today.
·  Pro Gold XP offers support for an unlimited number of user defined commission deductions such as referral fees, franchise fees, lead fees, etc. Deductions can be added both automatically or manually.
·  Pro Gold XP real estate software allows check amounts and deductions to be reviewed prior to committing to the check printing process. Also, an agents’ office bill can be automatically deducted from their commission check with a few simple mouse clicks.
·  Pro Gold XP is designed with flexibility in mind. Users can override system calculated values to accommodate unique or abnormal circumstances.