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November 6, 2014
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November 6, 2014

Back Office Feature Screen 9


Chapter 3 – Pro Gold XP Back Office Features

Pro Gold XP real estate software Back Office Feature screen 9:

Pro Gold XP Properties & Deductions Screens

·  Streamline business tasks for closed transactions!
·  After closing a transaction through the Pro Gold XP real estate software system, the check module will automatically appear allowing checks to be reviewed and printed. Transactions are automatically closed when commission checks are issued.
·  Here are some activities that happened behind the scene, Pro Gold XP updated:
–     Closed business production reports
–     1099 income
–     Property transaction status
–     Marketing activity status
–     Bank balances
–     General ledger entries
–     Financial statements

Pro Gold XP will automatically:
1) Calculate agent commissions.
2) Pay an agent’s inter-office receivable account.
3) Post the necessary general ledger entries.
4) Post agent 1099 earnings.
5) Update financial statements.
6) Create commission checks.
7) Close out the property and transaction

Pro Gold XP specializes in improving office efficiency. Pro Gold XP real estate software does not stop at real estate transaction processing. Taro Systems, Inc. offers services for other activities in your real estate business. Before we continue it is important for you to understand that even though we have only dealt with a real estate transaction, there are many accounting functions that happened. Take a moment to analyze the data entry and staff duplication that is happening in your office today! This would include multiple software systems, manual systems, staff, bookkeepers and CPA services.