Lead Incubation
November 6, 2014 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
November 6, 2014

Effective Recuiting with has proven in numerous markets to be the hottest recruiting tool available to a real estate broker!

Through the Automatic Showing Feedback module, co-op agents within your market are provided with a snap shot of the many benefits of working for your company and the contact details of your corporate office so that they may discuss a career with you.

This unique method of recruiting not only attracts new agents to your company, but it attracts the better agents in your market.

In order for to provide the co-op agent with an overview of employment benefits they must have first showed one of your properties.

Therefore, these agents are the ones that are actively conducting business!

Companies actively utilizing the service not only enjoy a streamlined approach to data management and communication, but they maintain real potential for tremendous growth!

5.3a uniquely positions your company for service driven results, and provides you with consistent opportunities to recruit local talent!