User Benefits
November 6, 2014 Lead Incubation
November 6, 2014 Automatic Emails is primarily an online agent – seller – company communication tool and maintains numerous automated processes to keep the seller informed of activity on their property; the agent informed on scheduled appointments and critical property based information; and the company informed on property progress as well.

Automatic Seller Emails:
– New “Important Activity” Reports
– Timely Progress Reports

Automatic Agent Emails:
– Daily Schedule Overview
– Timely Appointment Reminders / Alarms
– Price Evaluation Action Reports
– Pending Listing Expiration Action Reports
– Showing Feedback Survey Reports
– Inventory Pickup (Lock Box / Yard Sign) Reminder Reports
Important Text Notifications to Cell Phones / Pagers

Automatic Company Emails:
– Daily Summary Report
– Pending Price Evaluations
– Pending Expirations
–      Inventory Control is designed to keep your Seller informed on the sale of their property, while at the same time providing you with the tools and processes you need to manage your day to day tasks.