Effective Recuiting with ViewMyListing.com
November 6, 2014

ViewMyListing.com Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q:            What is the Agent Toolbox?
A:            The Agent Toolbox provides the sales associate with an online method of efficiently managing contacts, listings, personal appointments, showings, and invoices.   It allows the agent to update listing activity and provide their sellers with up to date progress reports.

Q:            How do my Sellers benefit from the system?
A:            ViewMyListing.com provides your sellers with a unique account where they can maintain contact with the agent, with the company, and obtain up to date information regarding the sale of their property.  They no longer have a need to contact the company / agent to obtain progress reports.  They’re now available anywhere, anytime – online!

Q:            Is there any duplication?
A:            No.  Your Customer Service Center or Call Center already collects data now.  With one simple click, the Pro Gold XP real estate software will keep the ViewMyListing.com Internet database updated.

Q:            Is my data secure?
A:            Yes. You have a unique username and password that only allows you to access your listings and leads and to view company listings.  Sellers are also provided with a unique login and password when they list their property with you, allowing them to access progress reports and other important information online at anytime, from anywhere.

Q:            How does this benefit me as an agent?
A:            The benefits to you are many and include:

  1. Excellent communication – another good reason a seller should list with you.
  2. Can be used as a price reduction tool which in turn, reduces expired listings.
  3. Provides the necessary communication tool between the office-agent-seller.
  4. Provides a teamwork approach to contact management.
  5. Increased referrals and repeat business.
  6. Agent recruiting/retention tools.
  7. All your lead, appointment, and showing information available anywhere, any time.

Q:            How can ViewMyListing.com secure more listings?
A:            Every agent presents similar information at a listing presentation with a prospective seller and the selection process for the agent is a hit and miss affair.   ViewMyListing.com allows you to set yourself apart from the rest by providing a tool the sellers can use to access the information they need.  This is not something a competing agent is able to provide, and given the likeness of service between companies and between agents, the promise of timely, successful communication is important.  Being able to deliver on that promise and show how you can deliver is the deal maker!

Q:            Does ViewMyListing.com have Contact Management abilities?
A:            Yes.  ViewMyListing.com contains the functionality you need to keep in touch with your contacts on a timely basis, including appointment management and reminders, showing appointments and reminders, and even automatic showing feedback functionality so you can reduce the time you spend following up with other agents regarding the showing of one of your listings.

Q:            How does this service benefit my sellers?
A:            Successful communication and the need for timely and informative information is critical to your sellers during the transaction process.  Often, agents are unable to provide the information in a timely manner due to the service they are attempting to provide to their other clients, and so everyone suffers.  ViewMyListing.com provides a vehicle through which the sellers may obtain the information they need anytime they need it, and allows you to enter the information in a manner that is most accommodating to your schedule.

Q:            Does the activity that an agent enters from the Internet update back to the Pro Gold XP system employed by the real estate office?
A:            Yes, when the Customer Service Coordinator synchronizes with ViewMyListing.com the program will update back and forth keeping both the Pro Gold XP real estate software system and the ViewMyListing.com database synchronized.