Automatic Emails
November 6, 2014
Effective Recuiting with
November 6, 2014 Lead Incubation

In addition to the important automated processes that are available to the company, the agent, and the active seller, is also equipped to handle critical lead incubation processes. has been developed to allow a real estate professional to establish user-defined and control “marketing plans” that will automatically maintain contact with your prospective buyers and sellers throughout the weeks that follow their initial contact.

So, even when you’re sleeping, is working hard to make sure your name and contact details remain in front of the people who will be your business tomorrow!

And, with the ability to interface to the company web site AND an agent’s personal web site, capturing, filing, and incubating new web based contacts has never been so simple!

Dedicated Marketing System:
– Email Equipped
– Regular Mail Capable
– Label Formatting
– Interface with Microsoft Word
– Customized “One Off” Bulk Mailing Abilities
– User Defined Marketing Plans
– Unlimited Letters
– Unlimited Plans
– Automatic Sending of Pre-Scheduled Emails / Plans
– Text Format & HTML Format
– Marketing History by Contact Reports works around the clock to ensure your name is at the top of the list when a prospect decides its time to buyer their next home, or sell their current home.