November 6, 2014
ViewMyListing.com System Overview
November 6, 2014

ViewMyListing.com – The Listing Edge


Chapter 5 – ViewMyListing.com

ViewMyListing.com is The Listing Edge

The Listing Edge

You only have to look around at the various “negative” trends within the real estate industry to know that something just is not right – record numbers of FSBO listings; increased numbers of discount brokerages; and even creative negotiation on behalf of traditional brokerages to get listings.

The reasons for these trends are simple.
1.       Limited Perceived Value
2.       Increased Competition

Perceived Value

Taro Systems, Inc. – a leading real estate software solutions provider – has surveyed thousands of sellers since 1981.

By far the most common complaint a seller has with their real estate agent is the amount of communication that exists between the seller, the agent, and the real estate company.  The effectiveness of this communication – more than the time taken to sell – is how a seller grades the agent’s value.

Because the channels of communication do not always appear effective, timely, and informative the seller perceives the agent as doing little to sell their property, regardless of how long it takes to sell.  The seller knows exactly how much they are paying the agent for their service – but where exactly is the service?

Every good agent knows the work that is being done to sell a particular property, but rarely is this communicated to the seller in a timely manner.
ViewMyListing.com gives each and every seller the ability to retrieve this information any time they wish – online!  It allows the seller to obtain seller progress reports online, communicate with their agent online, communicate with the company online, schedule appointments, and even request price reductions – online!

ViewMyListing.com is about saving you time while providing detailed and effective communication to your sellers.  ViewMyListing.com is about displaying your true value, and then increasing it.


Competition isn’t just with FSBO options and discount brokerages.  NAR just fielded its 1,000,000th member!  So with a perception of limited value and more Realtors® than ever you need every possible edge you can get to secure your share of the market.
– No other agent service has the integrated communication design that ViewMyListing.com maintains.
– No other agent service provides remote integration to your office management system.
– No other agent service is integrated to the company web site.
No other agent service is also a seller service.

ViewMyListing.com is a communication tool your prospective sellers can understand and appreciate.  It’s the edge your competitors don’t have!

Effective communication, time management, and personal lead management are critical, and only ViewMyListing.com is able to provide you with the tools to achieve your goals.